Texan Steals $1.2 Million Worth Of Fajitas, Gets Sentenced 50 Years!


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How do you steal a million’s worth of food? A former South Texas juvenile justice department worker was sentenced Friday to 50 years in jail after pleading guilty to stealing $1.2 million worth of fajitas with county funds. Gilberto Escamilla, 53, who worked in the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department, was arrested in August following A driver from Labatt Food Service in Harlingen called the department’s kitchen and said he was providing an order of 800 pounds of fajitas, in accordance with the Brownsville Herald.

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The kitchen worker told the motorist that the juvenile department doesn’t serve the fajitas, but the driver told him that he’d been delivering fajitas there for the last nine decades.

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Escamilla was fired from his job and detained the next day. When the officers searched his home, they found packets of stolen food in his refrigerator. Officials said he took $1, 251, 578 value of fajita orders and sent them to his own clients, the Herald reported. It had been selfish. He became small and became taller and from control, Escamilla said while testifying in court.

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It got to the point where I could not control it. Assistant District Attorney of Cameron County Peter Gilman asked him to visit District Judge J. Manuel Banales to provide Escamilla a 50 year sentence to send a message that theft by public servants guarantees a long jail sentence.

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