Man Hospitalized After Inserting Meter-Long Cable Inside Penis To Relieve Itching


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to relieve an itch. But this guy took it to the next level. Chinese physicians removed an one-meter long cable from a man’s penis after it was inserted to relieve itchiness brought on by prostatitis. The unnamed pensioner added the tube long phone charging cable to ease the itch, however, it became tangled in the urinary bladder on the way out.


Based on a report by Chinese website Kanka News through Daily Mirror, a knot began to induce bleeding when the man tried to pull the cable outside. He was hurried at the hospital on March 30 for medical care. Prostatitis causes inflammation of the prostate gland. This leads to the development of an imbalance from the urethra or the passage where the urine leaves the body.

The itch usually disappear over time once the inflammation has been medicated. Urologist Dr Gao Zhanfeng in the Dalian Hospital in northeast China discovered the knot at the urinary bladder following a scan. Dr Gao removed the 5-millimeter wide cable by cutting it up in sections utilizing a laser.

Luckily, the man didn’t use anything metallic, the physician said, otherwise it’d have punctured the man’s bladder. When a person was asked if he sterilized the cable, he said he was approximately washed under running water. Nonetheless, he asserts the experience bore a lesson well learned.

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