Connor McGregor’s Wild Bus Attack


Connor McGregors MMA fight with Floyd Mayweather will have to wait after the UFC Superstar was arrested a few days ago. Conor had cameras following him as he went full on bonkers at a bus full of UFC fighters with new footage showing another angle of his now infamous dolly toss, from inside the bus.

Ultimate fighting championship simply dropped episode 5 of its Ultimate fighting championship 223 Embeded series, and it showcases all the mayhem at the Barclays Center loading dock as McGregor and his crew attacked the bus. The footage also reveal a close-up of a wounded Michael Chiesa after Conor’s window smash cut him up. The Embedded episode also features Dana White addressing the incident with fighters who were affected, and interviews with some other Ultimate fighting championship stars about what went down.

We broke the story. White slammed conspiracy theories that this was all one big publicity stunt, and based on the raw reactions seen in this video, it appears like the craziness was 100% legit. As we reported. Conor turned himself in to cops and was released from custody Friday after his court hearing, where he was charged with 3 misdemeanor counts of assault and 1 felony criminal mischief charge.

Watch footage of the attack:

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