Trump Says He Doesn’t Settle Lawsuits, But He Just Settled a $5.4 Million Lawsuit


President Donald Trump has been known for saying a number of time in the past that he doesn’t settle lawsuits. But just today a high profile case against him was settled for $5.4 Million.

The lawsuit was filed by  former members of the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. It started when 65 members of the club were barred from entering the premises.

Those 65 former members where a part of the golf club when Trump purchased the Ritz-Carlton in 2012 for $5 million. These people became upset about the new owner. Their names were then placed on a resignation list. After buying the club, Trump himself noted, “If you choose to remain on the resignation list, you’re out.”

But under the Ritz-Carlton’s old rules, members on the resignation list could still use the club’s facilities.

So the 65 individuals tried to access the links and drinks but were also denied. When this happened they requested their deposits be refunded but this was declined as well. With nothing left to do, the 65 former members sued Trump.

Trump tried to win the case in court, but his chances were pretty bad and the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded them the case. Trump’s team then settled the case for $5.4 million a few thousand dollars shy of the $5.77 million that the court mandated.

Previously Trumps attorneys had said, “We respectfully disagree with the Court’s decision,” who then promised that Trump would appeal. But that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

This is just one of the few things President Trump promises to do, but doesn’t do anyway.

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