One-handed Linebacker Sets NFL Draft Combine Buzzing After Outstanding Performance


Shaquem Griffin has only one handed, yet the NFL draft combine was buzzing yesterday because of his performance in the drills. One of the more promising prospects in the draft, a lot of people were still doubtful of him because of his physical impediment.

But as always Griffin proved the naysayers wrong when he did 20 reps on the 225 lbs bench press with just one hand a prosthetic arm attached to the other.  And he didn’t just do it, he did it with the NFL Combine crowd cheering him on and rooting for him.

In an interview after his stunning performance he confessed, “My goal was six, I think I beat that by a lot. … Just being able to do that, it was amazing. Hearing the crowd and having the juices flowing, I mean, I felt it.”

Griffin’s left hand was amputated when he was 4 years old as a result of a congenital condition. Despite only having one hand,  Griffin was a two-year starter at the University of Central Florida, even getting selected to two All-American Athletic Conference first teams. He also was awarded as AAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2016, when his stats for the year was 92 tackles, 11.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and an interception.

Knowing his handicap will bring his stock down, Griffin is making up for it by his attitude. He says he’s willing to do anything the teams ask of him. He promised to do linebacker and DB drills, he says he’s not even hesitating to work on his kicking or punting which he believes he can do rather well.

“I don’t have to be the guy who just [rushes] the quarterback,” Griffin said. “If you need somebody who can cover – and not just tight ends, I can cover slots, too – you watch some film. I got a few interceptions against some slot. I want to be able to show NFL teams: Whatever you need help at, I can play it.”

Griffin says, “It felt good to do that many reps. I didn’t know I had it in me, but it came out today.”

His older twin brother, Shaquille, is currently a Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks after being drafter on the 3rd round last year.

Will Shaquem Griffin be the first one handed person to make it to the NFL? We’ll have to see. But we sure are rooting for him.

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