Queen Elizabeth II, almost killed?


According to the declassified information collected by Stuff, it narrates how Queen Elizabeth was almost assassinated by a teenager in 1981.

Based from the report provided, the queen was indeed almost shot by a teenager named Christopher Lewis on the royals’ tour in Dunedin on 14th of October in 1981. The teen fired a gunshot against the queen but was fortunately able to miss it.

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The memo dated back in 1997 shared all the statements regarding the matter saying, “However did not have a suitable vantage point from which to fire, nor a sufficiently high-powered rifle for the range from the target.”

Furthermore, the statement says how the media were not made aware of the gunshot saying it was a “falling sign” as to not cause a commotion.

Moreover, the police commissioner replied saying, “Given the interest in this historic matter, the Police Commissioner Mike Bush has asked the Deputy Commissioner National Operations, Mike Clement, to oversee an examination by current investigation staff of the relevant case file.”

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Consequently, the memo statement read, “Given the passage of time, it is anticipated this examination of the old file and its associated material will take some time. NZ Police will share the outcome of this examination once it has been completed.”

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The queen is now  91 years old, if the event would have happened the queen would have died at age 55.

God Save The Queen

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